49. Grieving the Spirits of the Land & Bringing Healing to the Ancestors

Mariee Sioux’s music is medicine for the living and medicine for the dead, a direct portal both to and from the ancestors and the land spirits. In this interview she shares profound stories of hurt, healing, and visions gifted from the otherworld.


  • Making grief more beautiful and more bearable

  • How to enter the Giveaway of the Grief in Exile album

Songs played during this episode are-

  1. Wild Eyes

  2. Black Snakes

  3. Grief in Exile

  4. Two Tongues


  • Mariee never dreamed she’d be a musician & how that ended up happening

  • Mariee’s connection with her indigenous Mexican and American maternal ancestors and her Hungarian and Polish paternal ancestors

  • Songs pouring through you and the magical process of bringing something into being

  • When the ancestors choose one person in their lineage to drop their stories into

  • Ethnic stereotypes and what people will say to your face

  • Mariee’s work with the Nisenan, the native people of the lands she and I live on, and how growing up here she literally never knew there were remaining tribal members here

  • “I experienced so many spirits on the land that hadn’t been grieved”

  • Some deep medicine stories- how this podcast has changed Mariee’s life (so much interweaving serendipity, since her music opens and closes every episode)

  • How datura embedded into Mariee’s consciousness and how that plant relationship touched her life, even before she’d ever worked with the plant physically

  • The amazing ancestral vision Mariee was gifted that supports the music and voice medicine she carries in this lifetime

  • The different ways that people who come from lineages with unmetabolized grief and trauma [all of us] carry that ancestral inheritance

  • How magic and the synchronicities start showing up once we commit to following our soul calling

  • A digression on the Aquarian archetype


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