35. Giving Life to Songs & Babies - Alela Diane

Most artists, and working women, keep their parenthood separate from their work and creativity. Alela Diane is bucking that (unnatural/inauthentic) trend, and we speak about the hard decisions working moms face, how giving life to her second daughter literally almost killed her, and the many magical ways her songs come into being.


  • The complexities of motherhood, Part 1: Weaning

  • Win a copy of Alela's latest album Cusp

  • The future of this podcast


  • Alela's unique name, bohemian childhood, and deeply rooted familial musical inheritance

  • The painful life experiences that led Alela to start making music

  • Songs that come in dreams, or that contain foreknowledge of the future

  • The complexities of motherhood, Part 2: Tour life as a mom (taking them with until you're like neh, they're staying home)

  • Alela's giving birth / near death experience

  • Knowing when your loved one has passed, before you get the news