57. Own Your Self: Radical Healing, Rooted Health - Dr. Kelly Brogan

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society" -J. Krishnamurti

"Medical science has made such tremendous progress that there is hardly a healthy human left." -Aldous Huxley

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." -Arthur Schopenhauer


  • Remembering that radical literally means “back to the root"- what we consider today to be radical health care is actually just our ancestral human biological inheritance


  • How Dr. Brogan’s own diagnosis, and sitting with the cognitive dissonance that came with it, turned what she had been taught about health and healing on its head

  • Searching for the science that we aren’t given

  • It’s not so much information wars as competing paradigms that are causing the divisions in modern medicine

  • Embracing complexity and critical thinking

  • Psychiatric pharmaceuticals are the most habit-forming substances on the planet (Dr. Brogan hasn’t written a prescription since 2010)

  • Walking away from labels and tapering off psych meds

  • How a diagnosis can act as a hex, or as an opening into a more authentic connection to self

  • The dehumanizing that has to happen when medicine is practiced at scale

  • Suffering ends where meaning begins

  • How the Evolutionary Mismatch between our ancestral human bodies and our modern lives underlies so many physical and mental disorders

  • We have tremendous capacity to change our gene expression

  • Precision and bioindividual (the future of!) medicine v vaccine mandates (everyone gets the same 72 highly complex and inherently risky injections, no matter their individual health profiles)

  • How two of Dr. Brogan’s patients having 2nd trimester stillbirths after receiving the flu shot sent her down the path of 10,000 hours of vaccine research

  • The germ warfare paradigm is the ultimate expression of a control, fear-based paradigm of medicine

  • Creating the conditions that allow people to heal themselves

  • Kelly’s personal experience transforming motherline pain and trauma, and raising her daughters to report only to themselves


  • The conversation they are trying to silence is the very conversation we need to be having; the information they are trying to censor is the exact information you need to know

  • The cultural cognitive dissonance wherein we live in a society that censors the hashtag #vaccineinjury while simultaneously paying out $4,182,078,646 through the government run national Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (as of August 2019, link below)

  • Google and social media search censorship

  • Some great accounts, websites, and one podcast for real vaccine information

  • How censorship and vaccine mandates will backfire on the Pharmaceutical industry



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56. Real Talk on Marriage, Plants, Kids, Business - My Husband, Owen Lindsay

Owen never thought he’d be a dad, neither of us planned on getting married, and we had no idea that our love for plants would play such a big role in sustaining our relationship. Here’s a peek into how we make our lives together work...


  • Elderberry & Motherwort

  • Three things that make our marriage work


  • How we met and then, six years later, got together (St. John’s Wort oil played a role)

  • Why we pretended we weren’t falling in love even when we clearly were

  • What we were doing before we got together, and how we’ve changed and grown together

  • How Owen, who never thought he’d have kids, transitioned first into the role of stepdad and then new father

  • How we find balance and prioritize our marriage while sharing kids, land, a home, and a business (spoiler alert: we don’t)

  • What roles we each take on within the family and the business

  • Ramblings on getting married and raising kids in middle age

  • Parenting a teenager and a threenager

  • Adulting, we hate it but it brings us closer

  • Our reaction to our unexpected pregnancy

  • How we became homeowners and married people, two things we never envisioned for ourselves

  • What’s growing in our gardens, what tending our land looks like

  • Sustainable wildcrafting (and pivoting away from wildcrafting)

  • Why plant communication has been heavy for Owen lately

  • What Owen thinks about my activism around the issue of vaccine mandates

  • Civil uprising is the only option left to us on so many fronts, so many issues, as big businesses continue to destroy environmental and human health in the name of profit

  • What we’ve learned from our fights

  • Envisioning the future of our business and family


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55. Highly Sensitive People are the Psychedelic Plants of the Human Realm - Lola Pickett

Empaths are trending right now; let’s dig beneath the surface into what it really means to be empathic and/or to have a highly sensitive nervous system, and then talk about the plant and fungal allies that can help us to relax, recalibrate, and ground.


  • The difference between empathic and highly sensitive people

  • High sensitivity is an evolutionary adaptation

  • Ritual is remembering


Part I, Lola interviews me:

  • How I came to walk the plant path

  • My experience as a vegan postpartum woman

  • What fat does for our bodies- resilience and deep nourishment- and why it’s extra important for Highly Sensitive People

  • Remembering the intelligence that is woven throughout every cell in our body (not just the brain)

  • Overcoming the empathic tendency to shut everything out

  • Healing the legacy of highly sensitive/empathic ancestors making harmful decisions in an endeavor to self medicate

  • How psychedelics can help heal and empower HSPs

  • Reishi as an ally

  • The importance of touching something before ingesting it

  • Practicing the felt sense of our food

  • Making a game of tuning into and experimenting with changing the aperture of your sensory gating channels

  • Knowing your strength as an empathic person 

Part II, I interview Lola:

  • How Lola came into relationship with psilocybin mushrooms

  • Time is the most persistent illusion

  • Knowing that all is well, not as a bypass, but as the deeper reality of nature

  • The stark difference between altering your consciousness recreationally and doing so ceremonially

  • Tracing the motherline to find the medicine that belongs to you

  • Being deep in an ancient cave with the bones of your ancestors

  • Psychedelics, neurogenesis, and healing trauma


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54. Lineage, Calling, and the Mythic Imagination - Sharon Blackie

Myth is the power of place speaking, and the story threads that made meaning and held guidance for our ancestors can be found anew and re-woven for our times. When we tap into the mythic imagination, we remember the calling that brought us into the world.


  • Dreaming the ancient ways

  • Sisters of rock and root


  • The Loss of the Voices of the Wells: the sacred contract between humans and the land, and how the desecration of women and the destruction of the earth are interwoven

  • The loss of lineage results in the loss of our stories

  • The sophistication embedded in ancient myths, and how we’ve been raised misunderstanding the old stories

  • Stories have an independent existence outside of the human mind and reside in the imaginal realm

  • A myth is the power of place speaking

  • The Otherworld is an overlay, interwoven with this one

  • How the heroic journey is killing the planet

  • Archetypes are universal, but expressed in myth through different cultural filters

  • The wise old woman of the world, and the Cailleach that informs much of Sharon’s work

  • Cultivating the mythic imagination & courting the world soul

  • The meaning of “calling”: every one of us came here to do something that matters

  • The stories that we loved as children hold meaning for us

  • Discerning coincidence from synchronicity

  • Grounding the imaginal realm

  • Bodyfullness v mindfulness

  • The root of the word “enchantment” means “to sing into”- becoming re-enchanted is singing yourself back into the world

  • Telling stories to the land, and the sacred responsibility to engage with the earth


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53. Healing Herbal Oils: How To Make and Use Them - Kami McBride

Every woman throughout time has taken some kind of plant and some kind of fat, put them together and used it as medicine. Herbal body oils are the One Remedy to Rule Them All. And no one knows more about making and using them than Kami McBride.



  • How herbal oils came into Kami’s life and immediately replaced petroleum based products

  • If you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, don’t put it on your skin

  • Kami’s favorite herbs for oil making

  • Mugwort as a deepening, driving, carrying herb

  • St. John’s Wort for bruises, burns, cuts, eczema, growing pains, inflamed skin, muscle pain, nerve pain, neck tension, spasms, back pain, insomnia, anxiety, relaxation, children’s health, smashed fingers and a million other things

  • How oiling nourishes and calms the nervous system

  • If the skin is dry, then the nerves are dry- this dehydration makes us feel agitated and irritated and anxious (and is exacerbated in summer and fall), “Oil is the antidote to nervousness”

  • The skin is an immunological organ- why oiling is so important for supporting optimal lymphatic and immune system health

  • Using oils with kids

  • Earlobe oiling! Game changer

  • Herbal oils for sleep support- goodnight insomnia

  • When you study herbalism you’re also learning about the earth and the human body

  • No one can tell you how much of an herbal preparation to take- even doctor’s dosage recommendations are guesses (know thyself!)

  • How herbal body oiling helps you develop deep listening to and knowledge of your body

  • Embedding self care into the culture

  • All the places where Kami keeps little bottles of oil for immediate access

  • How oils helped revive Kami’s ailing great aunt

  • The skin as a reflection of internal health

  • How making an herbal oil is different from making an herbal tincture


  • Learning to make shelf stable and potent herbal oils

  • How to know which herbs to use fresh and which to use dry

  • Preventing spoilage when making fresh plant oils: the 5 things to pay attention to (FLAHM)

  • Using alcohol in your oil making for greater potency and preservation

  • The most controversial of all oil making questions- should you solar infuse your oils?

  • There’s not just one way to make your herbal medicine- herbalism is vast

  • If you’re making a blend, should you make separate oils and blend later or just put all the herbs into one jar?

  • Should you oil your face? And our skin care practices

  • “Every woman throughout time has taken some kind of plant and some kind of fat, put it together and used it as some kind of medicine”

  • Why making your own oils will save you SO MUCH MONEY

  • Oils are the least amount of effort for the most return home remedy and are such an effective and easy place to start your herbal journey

  • All the first aid uses for herbal oils



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52. Decolonizing the Mind: You Belong to Your Ancestors - Tamira Cousett

Embodying the blessing of being a child of diverse lineages, being rooted first in our ancestral stories and second in our cultural narratives, embracing our inherent worth as we step into the work we came here to do, and so much more...


  • Imaginal remembering

  • How primal human posture has greatly diminished my pain

  • Gathering the stories of your elders


  • Tamira’s childhood experiences with the unseen, and how that was (not) held in her family

  • We are accountable to our ancestors

  • The process of remembering and learning to be in daily, direct communication with those who hold the container for our lives

  • Being a bridge between our children and the ancestors- incorporating small ritual into our lives and sharing our peoples’ stories

  • Our children are the ancestors returning as the new faces of the lineage

  • The evolution of Tamira’s ancestral healing journey as a black woman in the south with both African and European ancestors

  • Seeing today’s -isms as rituals of disconnection that feed shame and hatred and anger, which further fuel racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc.

  • Remembering that black and white are not ancestral categories and stepping back to view the larger historical narratives of our people

  • The story of the harmonizing of two of Tamira’s lineages, one of West African descent and one of European- what was shown to her during the ceremony and how the healing changed her life (we cry)

  • Victimhood, blame, forgiveness, and how our redemption is tied into one another’s

  • Claiming first the identity of being a child of your ancestors before being anchored in the (very real and valid) identities the world assigns you

  • Ancestral connection banishes imposter syndrome- you belong with and to your people always, they’re holding the container of your life so that you can bring your medicine forward (and when we feel this belonging this we are much less likely to perpetuate cultural and personal harms)

  • Holding space for childrens’ grief, and the generations of unmetabolized grief wreaking havoc on our culture



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51. Maternal Mammalian Ecstasy: The Ancient Hormonal Blueprint for Optimal Birth and Bonding - Sarah Buckley

Through untold eons mammals have evolved a beautiful birth-giving physiology based around a complex cascade of hormones that are released during labor. We give both mother and baby the best chance at a peaceful, ecstatic birth and postpartum period when we remember and respect this ancient dance.


  • Complex parenting topics: sleep, immunity, birth


  • Sarah’s mainstream doctor grandfather and how she got interested in natural birth

  • The exquisitely designed ancestral/mammalian hormonal blueprint of labor

  • The impact of (unnatural, external) stress on a laboring woman and how it disrupts the optimal hormonal flow

  • Creating optimal conditions for birthing and for bonding

  • The hormonal consequences of bypassing the natural physiological onset of labor (such as by induction or scheduled C-section)

  • How feeling unsafe (at a subconscious, limbic system level) disrupts the flow of birth

  • The irony of how we treat animals in labor v how we treat human women in labor

  • The ecstatic, altered state of mind we enter into during labor

  • What first time mothers need to know but are often not told

  • Fear and mystery in birth

  • The body is designed to transcend the (natural, intrinsic) stress and pain of labor and they play a critical role in bonding

  • The role of vocalization in labor

  • Newborns need placental blood: cord clamping and how our cultural beliefs around that have changed over time

  • What “No hatting, no patting, no chatting” means for the postpartum period

  • Ancestral family sleep and motherbaby biological regulation: the many reasons that co-sleeping is best for babies and the science that backs it up

  • The fascinating phenomenon of some birth attendants being able to smell the moment before the baby is born



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50. Kneeling to the Earth: Herbalism is Remembering - Rosemary Gladstar

Soft power, honoring our elders, and banishing imposter syndrome by remembering that we’re in service to the earth.


  • Honoring the lineage of plant healers that led to this podcast

  • Intuitive breast care w/ herbs

  • What every herbalist should know


  • Kneeling to the earth- herbalism isn’t about you, please don’t be afraid to share your voice

  • How Rosemary’s name (which came from her two grandmothers) set her on her path from an early age

  • Plants that carry soft power & the medicine of rosemary (the plant)

  • What Rosemary learned about plant healing from her Armenian grandmother

  • The necessity of recognizing our elders

  • How Rosemary came into teaching herbalism to others during the American herbal renaissance of the 1970s

  • How herbalists seem to come to the same conclusions as one another over and over again, and realizing that it’s because we aren’t figuring new things out but simply stepping back into the ancient human/plant relationship and the knowledge that comes with that

  • The importance of monitoring, conserving, preserving, and cultivating wild plants and how United Plant Savers has changed the face of American herbalism

  • How plants that grow in abundance tend to be super nutritive plants that our ancestors used in daily life as food and medicine, and how rarer plants tend to have more specific medicine and were used more sparingly in acute cases

  • The ongoing Fire Cider controversy and what happens when folks choose trademarks over traditions

  • Life transitions, looking back on Rosemary’s incredible legacy, and looking forward to what’s next


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49. Grieving the Spirits of the Land & Bringing Healing to the Ancestors

Mariee Sioux’s music is medicine for the living and medicine for the dead, a direct portal both to and from the ancestors and the land spirits. In this interview she shares profound stories of hurt, healing, and visions gifted from the otherworld.


  • Making grief more beautiful and more bearable

  • How to enter the Giveaway of the Grief in Exile album

Songs played during this episode are-

  1. Wild Eyes

  2. Black Snakes

  3. Grief in Exile

  4. Two Tongues


  • Mariee never dreamed she’d be a musician & how that ended up happening

  • Mariee’s connection with her indigenous Mexican and American maternal ancestors and her Hungarian and Polish paternal ancestors

  • Songs pouring through you and the magical process of bringing something into being

  • When the ancestors choose one person in their lineage to drop their stories into

  • Ethnic stereotypes and what people will say to your face

  • Mariee’s work with the Nisenan, the native people of the lands she and I live on, and how growing up here she literally never knew there were remaining tribal members here

  • “I experienced so many spirits on the land that hadn’t been grieved”

  • Some deep medicine stories- how this podcast has changed Mariee’s life (so much interweaving serendipity, since her music opens and closes every episode)

  • How datura embedded into Mariee’s consciousness and how that plant relationship touched her life, even before she’d ever worked with the plant physically

  • The amazing ancestral vision Mariee was gifted that supports the music and voice medicine she carries in this lifetime

  • The different ways that people who come from lineages with unmetabolized grief and trauma [all of us] carry that ancestral inheritance

  • How magic and the synchronicities start showing up once we commit to following our soul calling

  • A digression on the Aquarian archetype


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Mariee Sioux cover final.jpeg

48. Matriarchy in Action & Ancestor Assisted Birth - Emilee Saldaya

Birth has been systemically taken from us by the powers that be, but each birthing body holds deep knowledge of how to bring forth life. This conversation is part of a much larger cultural remembering of what our ancestors instinctively knew about giving birth and nurturing our babies.


  • If we're not changing our minds, we're not growing

  • Mammalian birth [mama & mammal & mammary are etymologically related, and there's a reason for that]

  • How the Taoist medicine perspective of how energy moves through the female body explains why everyone wants to be around women


  • How Emilee’s radical teenage years led to her work now.

  • Supporting mother’s instincts so that the mother-baby conversation can happen.

  • Birth story: Dolphins(!), their potent medicine, and telepathic connection to birth (I cry).

  • The spectrum of birth experience from beautiful and respectful, to dark and scary.

  • How Emilee’s first hospital birth helped align her with her dharma.

  • Our special likeness to all mammals through hormonal sequencing and our need to birth in a safe, familiar space (the choice of birth location changes the hormones flowing through the body during birth).

  • Ultrasound technology safety and what affects our choices to use it.

  • We are culturally trained to fear birth, and be terrified of death.

  • How Patriarchy & Christianity disempowered birthing women.

  • Fear- allying ourselves with it, rather than struggling to “overcome” it.

  • Holding space for all individual birth experiences while still rejecting The System.

  • Surrogacy, the primal wound, the commodification of bodies, and our bodily sovereignty as women.

  • Staying open and nuanced in complex conversations.

  • Meeting your divinity through birth, and the sacred spirituality of pregnancy.

  • We birth the way we live.

  • We are all descendants of women who birthed at home (like 99.999999999% of our female ancestors). Birth is in our bones.

  • Creating a matriarchal household/family.

  • A freebirth is a birth unhindered, undisturbed, in the support of loved ones, and outside the system that oppresses women and especially women of color.

  • When we align with truth, in our power, we are unshakable.


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47. Rose Medicine: Softness & Strength From the Queen of the Flowers

Humans have been joyfully engaging with rose medicine throughout the ages. This luxurious herb works on so many different parts of the body and spirit because of its many healing properties. Let's talk about them.

Click here to get the beautiful PDF Bringing Rose Medicine Home, featuring 6 rose recipes from 5 herbalists, plus my 3 favorite rose products.

  • An overview of rose's abundantly generous physical & energetic medicine

  • Wild v cultivated roses

  • Which roses are best to use, and which to always avoid 

  • A healing message from rose that came to me recently, and the synchronicities that followed

  • "Rose unwinds the stuckness that is often rooted in old grief, old trauma"

  • Rose Delight Honey recipe from Kami McBride

  • Rosebud Tea recipe from Rosalee de la Foret

  • Rose is medicine for the whole heart

  • Rainbow Heart Beams Elixir Giveaway!

  • Discount on the Wild Rose Surprise Box from Rebecca Altman

  • The Big (podcast related) Realization that came as a result of rose showing up in my life

  • Upcoming guests & subjects



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46. Sex, Trauma, Magic, & the Ancestors - Pavini Moray

Remembering that our ancestors can guide us because they've done this all before, relating ancestral healing & communion to our sexually traumatizing culture, helping people without assuming that we hold knowledge of what it is they need, and so much more...


  • Lilac water

  • Creating apart from perfection


  • The sweet vulnerability of praying out loud

  • Bespoken Bones and the magical process of naming things

  • Discarding the expert paradigm- “I don’t know what you need to know”

  • When jealousy is pointing you toward what you want to be doing

  • Navigating the pathway of harm to healing

  • Discerning the well from the unwell dead/ancestors

  • Trancestral healing & the blessings and the powerful magic of complex gender

  • The difference between our ancestors of blood and our ancestors of heart

  • Engaging trauma as an alternate state of consciousness in which deep healing can happen and potent gifts can come forth

  • Coming back into sexual wholeness

  • We’re living in a sexually traumatic culture

  • Sexual liberation is not a state we permanently get to, it’s a path and a process and a practice

  • Most of us don’t feel like we can bring our whole, authentic selves to our relationships

  • Shame, you know we talk about shame

  • The throughline of selfhood


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45. The Deepest Magic: To Know Yourself, Know Your Ancestors

You come from a long line of healers, midwives, songstresses, herbalists, dancers, birth-givers, artists, and wise folk. 

You are a direct descendent of powerful visionaries and earthwise geniuses, and their ancient knowing resonates today deep in your marrow.

These are not empty platitudes or the wishful thinking of modern spiritual yearners; these statements are genealogical fact.

In this episode I talk about:

  1. Why these statements are true

  2. How knowing our ancestors helps us to know ourselves

  3. 3 ways to connect with your ancestors


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44. Animism: Coming Into Kinship with All Life - Daniel Foor

We are in relationship with plants, animals, fungi, mountains, metals, fire, bodies of water, spirits of wind and weather, deities, human ancestors, star people, and others we don't have words for, whether we are aware of it or not. In this conversation Dr. Daniel Foor and I talk about reclaiming kinship through earth-honoring ritual, getting right with your ancestors and with the land you're living on, finding your own unique medicine, and so much more.


  • Making animism practical

  • $300 herbal medicine giveaway! (ends May 1st)


  • Living humans are only one kind of person

  • Animism isn't necessarily spiritual- that other beings also exist and that we are accountable to them is just fact

  • The distinction between animism, shamanism, and indigenous ways

  • Food and the psychological implication of realizing that both animals and plants are people

  • Understanding the human dead as part of the sacred ecology of place

  • The impacts of colonization on trusting our own knowing

  • Being consent-minded and respectful of boundaries: how to hear no from (and say no to) the spirits/ancestors

  • "Colonialism is a massive systemic consent violation"

  • Expanding our vocabulary for the sacred by recognizing the incredible diverse of bodies and wisdoms of the world

  • Contextualizing our devotions amidst the current crises the earth is undergoing (we need to get really good at grieving, but also not lost in it)

  • Finding your own medicine and soul level calling

  • Hierarchy is an intrinsic part of nature

  • Seeing where you're at as the Holy Land (even if you're in suburban Baltimore)

  • Everyone has an ancestral connection with plants (let go of your story that you're not a "plant person"!)

  • Earth as deity (and exploring how we project a gender binary onto the this ancient, complex, multivalent being that is dreaming us up)

  • Down to the water to pray: grief, the erotic, ancestors, food, healing

  • Understanding deeper layers of magic at your specific place

  • Considering inclusive ways to think about deities, archetypes, and weird old gods

  • Harmonizing ritual skills with cultural and political advocacy- not compartmentalizing an animist approach to just our spiritual life, but taking it out to the wider world as well

  • Daniel's three steps to get your life together (so real)


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43. A Plant Spirit Healing Story

This is a vulnerable and very personal story of how a plant friend recently stepped in to create a bridge of communication between me and my mother, who died three years ago. It was an unexpected and super meaningful healing message for me, and I switched my podcast release schedule around to share this story. Real magic happens when we cultivate relationships with plants and stay open to messages from the multiverse y'all.

I also talk about synchronicity, dealing with overwhelming grief, and how we can heal with a plant even when it is not physically present in our space or in our body.

Also I cry a lot.


Mentioned in this story:

Further reading: My blog post Angelica: Mama Bear of the Spirit Realm (more about Angelica as bear medicine and more about its medicinal properties)


Oh and hey I'm currently running a $300 shop giveaway! You can ENTER TO WIN on Facebook or on Instagram

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42. You Are Your Own Healer: Earth Intuition & Self Knowledge - Asia Suler

Asia Suler talks about how being in relationship with the aliveness of the earth brings us deeper into ourselves, healing within the complexities of chronic health conditions, working with the story medicine of flowers, and so much more…



  • How plants bring us deeper into ourselves, and the kind of second sight that only comes when we tune into the aliveness of the earth

  • The cultural fallacy that spirituality and rationalism can't coexist

  • The chronic health issues that revealed to Asia her intuitive self and brought her to the plant path

  • We don't have to do it alone

  • When it comes to healing, the body works on its own timeline

  • One willow to rule them all: how one (ever-evolving) plant relationship can transform a life 

  • But literally on an actual physical, biological level, you are your own healer

  • Your pain, symptoms, ailments- everything is happening for you

  • The daily routine that keeps Asia's past chronic health issues at bay

  • The interplay between stress, the nervous system, and health

  • Being truly seen, and the difference between being seen by nature v being seen by humans

  • When you're given a book on a subject you've never heard of before and the truth it contains makes you cry

  • Finding the core flower essence for your multidimensional self

  • Bringing story medicine into your healing


Medicine Stories Patreon (Plant Ally guided meditation)

Mythic Medicinals Reishi Elixir - Triple Extraction

Asia's article Reishi: A Psychedelic of the Unseen

My interview on the Free Birth Society Podcast- the stories of my one unassisted birth and one midwife assisted birth

Medicine Stories Facebook Group

Take my fun Which Healing Herb is Your Spirit Medicine? quiz

Mythic Medicine on Instagram

Music by Mariee Sioux (from her beautiful song Wild Eyes)

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Sierra Fawn Lily,  Erythronium multiscapideum

Sierra Fawn Lily, Erythronium multiscapideum

41. The Dreaming Channel & Remembering Ourselves Home - Toko-pa Turner

We are entitled to a (re)membership with the holy, the never-ending and ever-evolving wisdom of dreams, and guidance on the path of remembering ourselves home.

I forgot to mention this episode's Patreon offering in the intro, but check out the Links section below to access Toko-pa's Dream Recovery Kit ebook, designed for the individual who is feeling estranged from their dreams, this guide will help you cultivate a rich dream life. This kit contains guidance for dream recall, tips for overcoming blocks, exercises for deepening your practice, and ideas for ritual and dream incubation.  


  • Ancestral Voices, Women's Weariness, & the Illusion of Linear Time

  • Chronic pain

  • Dreamwalking


  • A childhood in exile, a lost community, and finding belonging again

  • Being grabbed by the hair and dragged into the bottomless underworld

  • An incredible story about physical pain, a powerful dream, the grandfather who jumped from a train on the way to Auschwitz, and ancestral healing 

  • Healing is open ended

  • When a family must keep their stories secret in order to survive, and how that silence affects the lineage- "Nothing influences children more than the silent facts in the background" -C.G. Jung

  • The dreaming channel is always open- being in reciprocity with the world behind the world

  • We are literally made of story, and dreams are the original stories

  • Why we should not be down with OPI- Other People's Information

  • Dreams are nature pulsing through us, and incline us toward our unique medicine

  • The multiplicity of our coherence

  • Not all dreams carry equal weight, but there is no such thing as a throwaway dream either

  • Approaching a dream as if it were a wild animal in a forest

  • Heirlooms, the storying of objects, and what we reclaim when we make things by hand

  • To feed the holy that sustains us, give in a way that doesn't require any more taking

  • The meaning of Toko-pa's name (which was given to her at birth)


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40. Ancient Medicine & the Love of the Ancestors - Atava Garcia Swiecicki

We each carry our own unique ancestral medicine, and can (and should!) spend a lifetime uncovering it. A teacher of herbal, folk, and indigenous medicine, Atava is deeply grounded in and a powerful guide through this sacred work.


  • Synchronicity, mushroom medicine, and the deer dress

  • Herbal Medicine Giveaway

  • Ancestral Apothecary's Student of Color Scholarship Fund- investing in herbal education is investing in the health of your community

  • The Ancestor Song


  • Invocation

  • When an ancestor becomes an ally from the other side

  • How to know when it's really a message from spirit and not just our own projection

  • Food as the one surviving cultural tradition within a family

  • Remembering your indigenous mind

  • How giving time and attention to our roots can heal relationships among the living

  • Ancestral connection and reverence work never ends

  • Healing is in our bones, our blood, our DNA

  • Being witnessed in our stories

  • Remembering that the plants are (literally) our ancestors

  • Using plants to ground deeply when talking about and facing ancestral issues like colonization and slavery- we're never alone as long as we have our plant allies

  • Making space for people of color to explore and reclaim their ancestral medicine 

  • Teaching healing skills so that people can treat those within their own communities and not need saving from elsewhere

  • Herbalists are the grassroots community healers

  • You're going to be a better herbalist and healer if you're rooted in your own ancestral traditions

  • We all come from people who work with plants

  • Love is the basic fundamental vibration that keeps the universe moving- how love and community saw Atava through uterine cancer & remembering to reweave the energy of love back into the healing arts

  • A beautiful death: how the love we give and receive in this life carries us into the realm of the ancestors


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Photo of me wearing Atava’s dress on the land of Mariee Sioux’s family in 2009 (so young!)

Photo of me wearing Atava’s dress on the land of Mariee Sioux’s family in 2009 (so young!)

39. Kitchen Herbalism: The Body Remembers - Kami McBride

Herbalist Kami McBride is back to dive even deeper into the uses of plant medicine for long term vitality and well being. This time we focus on home & kitchen herbalism, which is both super easy/accessible to everyone and the most important way to utilize herbs for daily health. Win win!


  • Home herbalism is the best kind of herbalism

  • Put this spice (already in your kitchen!) on a cut to stop bleeding quick


  • How simple kitchen herbalism bypasses the overwhelm many new herbalists feel (IT'S SO EASY Y'ALL)

  • Culture begins in the kitchen

  • Empowering yourself to take care of everyday illnesses and ailments at home

  • The magic that happens when women gather to make food and medicine together (with our uniques lineage of women standing behind us)

  • How Kami has her kitchen set up so that incorporating healing herbs into every meal takes no thought

  • Herbal sprinkles alone can change the whole food culture in a home

  • No one eats perfectly healthy at every meal, but adding herbal salts, vinegars, oils, honeys, etc. to each dish automatically and dramatically boosts the nutritional- and flavor!- content

  • Kitchen herbalism returns a vast diversity of missing micronutrients to the Standard American Diet

  • Digestion is literally the foundation of health, and an herbally oriented kitchen supports the flow of blood, energy, and oxygen to your digestive track at every meal

  • Evolving our medical care to the next level begins at home

  • Pesto is as sacred as the elements and is incredible for fighting colds & flu (and has endless possibilities beyond basil!)

  • Reawakening our senses & activating ancestral taste and scent perception

  • Why you need the bitter flavor in your life

  • Alchemy Oil, Chai Honey, and mind blowing Herbal Cordials

  • The best herbal food gifts to give for every occasion

  • Mega next level meal planning- taking 15 minutes to ask yourself what's going on with your/your living mates lives and health this week, and then planning meals and herbal condiments around that


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Music by Mariee Sioux (from her beautiful song Wild Eyes)

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38. Healing Our Indigenous European Ancestors - Lyla June

Our task as European-ancestored people, seeing what's been hidden beyond our short-sighted view of history, and why healing isn't possible in the absence of love.


  • Who gets to claim their ancestors?

  • Healing broken lineages

  • Cultural appropriation & reparations


  • How Lyla, raised to acknowledge only her Native American side, came to understand and honor her indigenous European ancestors

  • What happens when people hate their ancestors (and therefore themselves)

  • Making space for everyone's healing- permission to grieve all the ancestral traumas 

  • Going way back in time to understand colonizer/oppressor actions

  • Lyla's early experiences with sexual abuse, alcohol, and drugs and how they informed her perspective on restorative justice

  • Pilgrimage to the Sacred Motherland of Europe- "These mountains may have lost their people, but that doesn't mean they don't need ceremony"

  • Seeing through the thin wall of time that dominates our understanding of history & remembering that the vast majority of our ancestors lived before cultures and humans got broken

  • Indigenous languages are the sound of the land speaking through the people

  • Love is the only thing worth doing here

  • Where do we go from here? It depends on where we came from


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