They Just Don't Make 'em Like This Anymore... Vintage 50s & 60s DDR Lace Slips

I recently acquired a small collection of some of history's most beautiful and well-made satin slips and cotton camisoles. Each piece is exquisitely detailed- a lace lover's waking dream. And each is totally unique, every-day functional, and utterly flattering to any woman lucky enough to wear it.

These spectacular garments were produced in East Germany in the 50s and 60s, when that country referred to itself as the Deutsche Demokratische Republik (the DDR), or the German Democratic Republic. This was the post WWII era, when part of Europe was behind the "Iron Curtain" that demarcated those countries from those who did not live under the hegemony of the Soviet Union. These beauties were hidden away from the world for decades until the Berlin wall fell in 1990, and their remarkable craftsmanship and near-pristine condition suggest a time and place far removed from our modern day aesthetic and textile manufacturing practices.

There are six nylon satin slips and eleven cotton camisoles of varying lengths in the collection. I have owned a hip-length and a waist-length camisole for a few months now and I absolutely adore them. For four reasons:

1. I love feeling as though my body is enveloped in an authentic piece of history. Of course, this is true of all vintage, but there's something extra special about the story- the time & place- that produced these slips.

2. They are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. I mean really- they don't make 'em like this anymore. The night I brought them home with me I sat on the couch and draped all of them over myself in a joyful revery of satin, floral, and lace. I was just beaming with the knowledge that these existed, and that I was lucky enough to get to see and touch them in person. The lace work itself is enough to send any vintage/textile/clothing/art lover over the edge of reason and into an abyss of sweet ecstasy.

3. Not only are they beautiful, they are completely functional. The camisoles especially can be worn under everyday clothing for extra warmth and support. The bodices are well structured and my friends and I have found that we can usually forgo a bra when we wear one. The longer camis and the slips also work beautifully under dresses. And, of course, the satin slips are the perfectl example of what we here at VF like to call "house candy"- cute lounge clothes you wear at home to make yourself (and possibly your partner/housemates) feel happy (and possibly amorous) every time they see you.

4. This collection features pieces in most size categories- from a small A cup to a large D cup, with most of them being medium B or C cups. Most of the camisoles have quite a bit of stretch to them and will flatter any body they are lucky enough to hug. Check measurements carefully in any listing you might be interested in.

All items are now listed in the shop! A legion of thanks to my beloved JenJen and the amazing photographer and graphic designer Scott Nice for helping me navigate my way through my first indoor photo shoot in order to really showcase these fabulous pieces ❤

A Prairie Dress a Day: Four ♥ Candi Jones Easter Dress

Candi Jones Floral Lace Sun Dress


Floral, lace, smocking... Candi Jones strikes again!

Vintage Candi Jones Lace Sun Dress

Okay, today's off-topic topic is Instagram! Who has it, who loves it, who wants to follow me on it!? It's one of my most used apps on my new (and beloved) iPhone, and I don't know how I ever lived without it ;-)

...For moments like this would not be captured, filtered in a retro hip fashion, and instantly shared with friends & family without it. We were eating snacks at the park yesterday when Mycelia suddenly got into this position. I asked her where she learned it and she said she saw it in a book about India. So sweet.

Let's connect y'all. I'll be putting an Instagram plug-in here on my blog soon, but in the meanwhile search for violetfolklore within the app itself. Good times.

♥ A Prairie Dress a Day: Springtime Vintage Celebration

Vintage 70s Floral Lace Prairie Dress

Okay lovelies! In celebration of the glorious weather we're having here

...(just after the first snow of the year) is time to unveil a little something I've been preparing for all winter

...the Violet Folklore Springtime Prairie Dress Collection!

Exciting right!? Every day for the next two weeks I will be listing one new dress from the collection in the shop. The violets are in full bloom around here, and offering my favorite vintage style to the world in 14 different varieties seems like the very sweetest way to celebrate the coming of spring.

Well, not quite as sweet as actually eating the amazing wild violets that are proliferating in joyous abundance in hues ranging from white to dark purple. This year, I'd really love to experiment more with wild violet recipes. In fact, I'm stoked on having all sorts of herbal adventures in the coming warm season.

In the meanwhile, as we count down the days to the Vernal Equinox, I will be sitting right here listing one lovely, lacy, flowery, ruffly dress each beautiful day (no matter the weather!). Stay tuned!

The Hours

More specifically, the way that some of the hours have been spent in the few days since I returned from one of the funnest nights ever.

New lovelies for the shop! Guatemalan dress, peasant tops, amazing kimonos, black lace bell sleeves, a dirndl skirt, and the sweetest li'l Gunne you ever did see (to name but a few).

I rotated myself 180 degrees from photographing the clothes on the bed and snapped the contents of a special package received in the mail that day- Alela sent us her new album, Alela Diane & Wild Divine, on vinyl! We just got our record player up and working, and it is so much fun to listen to my parents' old record collection and now this very new recording too! It is lovely and Alela is lovely and good friends who make good music are so very lovely to have.

I thrifted this dress for Mycie the other day. Total springtime farm girl hand made country dress. She loves it.

I thrifted this pink dress on the same day, and haven't taken it off since. The gray sweater and perfect little bag came from Heather. On our mini road trip this weekend (see 1st paragraph) she gave both Missa and I a gift package. A *themed* gift package. My theme was Wildflower Hills, reminiscent of "the pinks and grays and purples of a springtime twilight in the Sierras surrounded by poppies and lupines". How totally sweet is that? I think I did that vision justice with this outfit.

The girl, though wearing a darling new dress from her own gift package from Heather, was in a surrriously surrrly mood this afternoon.

Maybe because she totally ate it the day I was out of town dancing up a storm and drinking beer with my girls (again, 1st paragraph). That's a tattoo, not a scab, on her arm. Though she did get cut up on most every body part during her fall.

Details. I really love the little cut-outs on the cardi.

Later that night. Graham. Let's show the world your "work space!". Me. Leave me alone!

Here's Mycie this morning in a sweater from Heather. This is a girl who detests having to wear sweaters, who always wants to be wearing only a summer dress, no matter the weather. I don't think there's been one day this winter when we haven't struggled to get her into appropriate clothing before leaving the house. A problem Heather solved in one fell swoop! Turns out all that was needed was a Peruvian sweater with cute fuzzy animals on it. She loves putting it on.

Lately she has been the queen of layering. Tights, pants, skirt, dress, sweater- good to go.

Maybe that's because Graham has been taking her to school lately. It is a total dream for me to not have to rush in the morning (he is headed out to work anyway), and somehow the outfit choosing process when he is involved has been tweaked just enough to allow for such magnificent creations.

We had totally random snow today, but it is supposed to be warm and sunny by the weekend. Good thing too, because all those new clothes need to be photographed and shared with the world!

Hometown Blues

Sadie's post tonight (hmmm, which also has the word "home" in the title) reminded me that I've been wanting to share photos of the shirt I got from Flaming Hag Folkwear last summer.

Nicole had told me about it as she was working on it, knowing I am from South Lake Tahoe. She set it aside for me and brought it to the inaugural Nevada City Bizarre, and it was love at first sight.

So what if I was only two years old when it happened? I remember my parents pointing out the landslide's aftermath to me on Highway 50 for years afterward. Entire hillsides covered in muck and fallen trees.

These photos were taken last September (right after I cut all my hair off!) at a barbeque in Sacramento with some of my best old hometown homeboys. I threw the shirt into my car as I left Grass Valley and just layered it over whatever I was wearing once I got there. It was a hit :-)