Carbon Copies: Frequently Thrifted Summer Dresses

In this last week I have thrifted copies of two of my favorite and most worn mass-produced modern dresses. Except in different colors, so; bonus! I have seen these dresses on thrift store racks a number of times since thrifting (and falling in love with and constantly wearing) the originals in my wardrobe, but never in my size. Which, btw, is a Small- so if you ever come across one of these in that size, please go right on ahead and snatch it up for my ever-grateful and favor-returning self; I could wear these forever.

This one is Mossimo brand from Target. It combines so many of my most sought after elements in a frequently worn dress- maxi length, empire waist, sleeveless, and smocking in back so no bra needed. Just perfect for hot summer days, and never gets uncomfortable on long errand runs or extended afternoons at the park.My original copy of this dress (which, as you can see little glimpses of in this post, I wear almost constantly- and always wear for long car trips) is just plain blue, so I am stoked on this pattern! And I know there are more pretty patterns on this same dress in thrift stores all over the country...

Come to think of it, the perfect little summer shrug that I'm wearing is also a thrifted Target piece. No use being a vintage snob when such cute and cheap garments are available at every corner thrift store.

God I love smocking. And adjustable straps!

Now this is an Old Navy dress that I've had in ivory for a few years now. Another perfect throw-on-and-go summer dress. And again, this one is an upgrade because I don't have to worry about running around all day in a stain-attracting white material. I've seen it in a beautiful rust orange color before, but not in my size. Again- no bra needed and adjustable straps! Score score score. (I know that no bra is not an option for some of you larger breasted ladies, but for us not as mammarily blessed, it's a serious plus).

Only drawback- it's linen and wrinkles in a quick second. C'est la vie. I shall distract your eye with the best vintage summer shrug thing OF ALL TIME.

So, I'll say it again, if you happen to run into one of these on your clothing rambles in a size Small please do snatch it up for me and I'll make it worth your while!

Also, as you may have noticed, I did something different with my hair for the first time in 7 years! Side swipey bangs- pretty sweet, eh?